Abilities are spells you can learn using a scroll once you are high enough a level. Monsters can also know a few types of abilities as well. Using a spell costs you AP which can be recovered by standing still when not engaged in combat or using items such as a Replenish or Vitaliser.


Although having limited use based on your AP, spells can do considerably more damage to enemies than melee, this can also be used to 'safe' enemies by casting a spell then running away far enough for your gauge to fill, then rinse and repeat. This can be used to kill bosses who require a much higher combat level to kill.

Curative SpellsEdit


Heal II

Heal III

Heal IV

Heal V

Heal VI

Heal VII


Attack SpellsEdit


Flame II

Flame III

Flame IV

Flame V


Freeze II

Freeze III

Freeze IV

Freeze V


Shock II

Shock III

Shock IV

Shock V


Flood II

Flood III

Flood IV

Flood V

Enhancive Spells (Buffs)Edit

Strength Up

Strength Up II

Strength Up III

Defense Up

Defense Up II

Defense Up III

Agility Up

Agility Up II

Agility Up III

Skill Up

Skill Up II

Skill Up III

Fire Up

Ice Up

Thunder Up

Water Up

Weakening Spells (De-Buffs)Edit


Amnisia II


Paralyse II

Strength Down

Strength Down II

Strength Down III

Defense Down

Defense Down II

Defense Down III

Agility Down

Agility Down II

Agility Down III

Skill Down

Skill Down II

Skill Down III

Fire Down

Ice Down

Thunder Down

Water Down