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Welcome to the Avatar Adventurers Online MMORPG wiki. It is becoming very popular at a rapid rate, boasting thousands of players since it's release on February 20, 2011. It is well worth the 240 Msp (3 dollars). Are you still on the fence about this game? Maybe this wiki can help you reach a verdict. They are currently updating the game, releasing an all new PvP system and also releasing new weapons. More updates coming!

Avatar Adventures Online starts you out as an adventurer meeting an NPC named Dave, who is being attacked by a Fiery Wasp.  Once you help him defeat the pest, he teleports you to Neem Town.  You later talk to an NPC named Arthur who tells you about four crests of the world.  Fire; Water; Ice; Thunder; and it is your duty as an adventurer to journey across the map and defeat the bosses of each crest.  Once you have obtained all four crests, it is pretty much the end of the story.  There are other side quests however, and it's no easy task to obtain the crests.  Edit

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