The Battle Arena is a large FFA arena which allows PVP. It is located at Cashew City and you can be introduced to it by Ethan. When talking to Ethan, Press A 3 times to get the full paragraph and it says "Welcome, Welcome to the Cashew City Battle Arena. Step inside to Challenge your fellow adventurers to see who is the strongest. Either fight by yourself or fight in teams in this free for all event. You will be awarded contest points depending on how well you do. When you have enough contest points exchange them at the shop to obtain your reward." Inside the Arena it is a open squared in arena and other people can attack you. Any level person can enter the arena and anyone can attack who ever they choose to fight. You can also be in a Team and fight other teams. To fight, simply enter the arena and attack an enemy like you would attack a monster anywhere else. If you die inside the arena, you do not loose anything but you can either return to Neem or get back up, However, it is very easy to "Spawn Kill" someone if they just get up. Alot of level 99s like to go into the arena and kill low level people for easy Contest Points. If you manage to defeat someone in battle, you will be rewarded with Contest Points. These points allow you to buy props, and items for your character. The shop is located right near the enterence of the Arena and the shop owners name is Tessa. Although they sell props, they are mostly to be worn for looks as most of the props have negative stats.