Becca is a spell shop located in Neem Town.

Items for sale:Edit

Spell Name Level Price
Heal II 8 10,000cR
Flame II 15 18,000cR
Freeze 3 3,000cR
Freeze II 17 18,000cR
Shock 5 3,000cR
Shock II 19 18,000cR
Flood 7 3,000cR
Flood II 21 18,000cR
Str Up 8 2,500cR
Agl Up 11 2,500cR
Skl Up 14 2,500cR
Para 18 10,000cR
Amna 21 10,000cR
Def Dn 6 8,000cR
Agl Dn 12 8,000cR
Skl Dn 15 8,000cR

As with all shops in the game, this shop buys items from the player at 40% of thier shop value.