==General Info== Brainless Bovines are a step up from Fiery Wasps and Fat Chickens. Brainless Bovines are recommended for beginners, however it would be wise to start with Fat Chickens or Fiery Wasps and at about level 3 or so move onto Brainless B
Brainless Bovine

Moshspeggeti encounters a Brainless Bovine in Evermore Greens South.

ovines. They are decent to train on until level 7 or 8, after which the amount of experience points gained from killing them becomes negligible. Upon surpassing levels 7 and 8, it would be wise to move on to something like Red Butterflies (which can be found in Plebeian Dunes). ==Stats== {| border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 300px;" |Level: 4 |- |Max Health: 150 |- |Provoke Type: Sight |- |Element: None |- |Quest/Mission Related: Yes |- | Kill Rewards: 100%:cR, exp Other: Bovine Horn, Rare items, medicine. Location(s): Evermore Greens North Evermore Greens South Pasture Fields |}