Gate Breach - StartEdit

Talk to Arthur in Neem Town to start this mission automatically.


Moshspeggeti talks to Arthur, a NPC in Avatar Adventurers Online.

Gate Breach - Mission SummaryEdit

Head to Piebeian Dunes and talk to Brandon in the South East corner. He will ask you to find a key in order to open the Water Cavern. Head to the North West corner and look next to a tree by targeting it with RB. Press A when you are on top of it and you will find the key. Head back to Brandon and he will unlock the Water Cave along with a nice reward of 10,000 cR , Shock II, and Agility Up.

Water Key Location

The exact location of the water key In Avatar Adventurers online. Enlarge if you can't see it.

An Actual Battle - StartEdit

Give Brandon the key and you will automatically start this mission.

An Actual Battle - SummaryEdit

Head to Water Cavern through Evermore Greens North. This area is a bit of a maze (though it has no dead ends) At the back end of the path is a level 30 Giant Crab boss. It is Weak against Shock and Strong against Flood. Upon defeating it you will recieve a Crest of Water and a possibility of getting an Agility Shard used in the quest Quick Attack to recieve the level 95 Hero's Boots. Take your Crest of Water back to Arthur to complete your mission and get 20,000 cR , Water Dagger and some spells.


I recommend having at least two people (in a Team) to go after the giant crab. He will only attack when provoked, and is weak to shock damage. Here's a strategy that worked very well with only two players, level 12 and 15:

Have one person damage him with shock, and then kite him around the room in circles. If you keep moving, and stay out of his reach, he can't hit you (though, be careful not to let him get too close - when he DID manage to hit us, it took over 500 HP!). Then, the next person hits him and draws his attention away from the first person. Now that person kites him around, while the first person lets his skill, health and/or magic recharge. Rinse, repeat until he's toast. (similar techniques can be employed on all bosses)

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