When fighting bosses and high levels there is a simple way to beat it, most the time without getting hurt.

Triangle methodEdit

Very simple really, surround the enemy with 3 people (like a triangle) Make sure your out of its hitting range. Then 1 player hits the enemy with an ability, then a second player hits it with an ability, then a 3rd person hits with an ability.


Its important that you time your hits. After the first player hits the monster the 2nd player should wait a moment or 2 before he hits the monster. Same thing for the 3rd player. If you wait to long the monster could kill a player, if you do it to fast you get out of sync and could get yourself killed.
Phase 1

Phase 1, The players (Player 1 is blue, player 2 is green, player 3 is purple) surround the enemy (red).

Pictures to detail the method, the caption e
Phase 2

Phase 2 shows player 1 hitting the enemy (inside circle turns blue)

Phase 3

Phase 3 shows the enemy getting close to player one, then player 2 hits the enemy (center of circle is green)

Phase 4

The enemy is heading towards player 2

Phase 5

Enemy is close to player 2, then player 3 attacks it (center of circle is purple)

Phase 6

Enemy is heading towards player 3

Phase 7

Enemy is close to player 3, player 1 hits enemy (repeat this from phase 2)

xplains the scene.

Warning: Only hit the enemy once or it throw off the cycle, do not hit the enemy out of turn or it will ruin the cycle.