Neem Town is the first city you come to after the Tutorial . If you are knocked out and choose to respawn or use a Retracer you will come back to this city.


Dave - introduces you to the world of Avatar Adventures.


Kirsty - get Quest "When they buzz". turn in 4 wasp wings for 1750cR and Shock.

Walter - gives little tips to help you in the begining.

Edward - give 5 Bovine horns for reward.

Fey - recieve info about the 3 continents.

Kyle - gives info regarding Shale Pits.

Adeline (Teleport)


Nikki - gives info on Evermore Greens

Hazel - give package A and recieve package B

Neem's Statue


Becca (Spells)

Beveraly (Armor)

Jim (Weapons)

Ross (Medicine)