The weapons and armor are in order by level, from lowest to highest.


Wooden Sword

Wooden Bow

Iron Sword

Iron Scythe

Iron Axe

Iron Hammer

Copper Dagger

Copper Sword

Copper Sythe

Copper Axe

Copper Hammer

Fire Dagger

Ice Dagger

Thunder Dagger

Water Dagger

Silver Sword

Silver Hammer

Silver Scythe

Silver Axe

Silver Hammer

Silver Dagger

Carbon Bow

Gold Sword

Gold Scythe

Gold Axe

Gold Hammer

Gold Dagger

Titanium Sword

Titanium Scythe

Titanium Axe

Titanium Hammer

Titanium Dagger

Titanium Bow

Hero's Sword

Hero's Scythe

Hero's Axe

Hero's Hammer

Hero's Dagger

Hero's Bow

Utopian Sword

Davorian's Scythe

Supreme Axe

Ultimate Hammer

Master Dagger

Perfection Bow

Piece of Shit/ Ballsack

Shields Edit

Cola Shield

Star Shield

Wooden Shield

Iron shield

Leather Shield

Crab Shield

Steel Shield

Copper Shield

Oak Shield

Fire Shield

Ice Shield

Thunder Shield

Water Shield

Bronze Shield

Silver Shield

Spiked Shield

Gold Shield

Diamond Shield

Titanium Shield

Elements Shield

Hero's Shield

Noble's Shield

Belts Edit

Rope Belt

Leather Belt

Butterfly Belt

Iron Belt

Exaction Belt

Copper Belt

Fire Belt

Ice Belt

Thunder Belt

Water Belt

Bronze Belt

Beetle Belt

Silver Belt

Precision belt

Gold Belt

Truism Belt

Perfection Belt

Truism Belt*

Axiom Belt**

Flawless Belt

Hero's Belt

Noble' Belt

*There are 2 belts called Truism Belt, levels 73 and 85.

**Level 85 Truism belt is the Axiom Belt

Trousers Edit

Cloth Trousers

Leather Trousers

Silk Trousers

Fire Trousers

Ice Trousers

Thunder Trousers

Water Trousers

Desert Trousers

Talent Trousers

Cotton Trousers

Wit slacks

Prudent Slacks

Fire Slacks

Ice Slacks

Thunder Slacksa

Water Slacks

Sheephide Trousers

Wisdom Slacks

Artistry Trousers

Adroit Trousers

Dexterity Trousers

Judgement Slacks

Hero's Trousers

Noble's Trousers

Sweat Pants

Boots Edit

Cloth Boots

Leather boots

Hiking Boots

Fire Shoes

Ice Shoes

Thunder Shoes

Water Shoes

Silk Shoes

Jogging shoes

Desert Boots

Lizard Boots

Heavy Boots

Fire Pumps

Ice Pumps

Crow Boots

Thunder Pumps

Water Pumps

Stealth Shoes

Iron Boots

Running shoes

Sprinting Shoes

Velocity Shoes

Athletes Pumps

Accelerate Shoes

Hero's Boots

Noble's Boots

Nike's LeBron 9